Online Food Orders. How to Get More ?


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While being struggling with covid-19 pandemi contactless payments are increasing tremendously and social distance measure takes place and finally dine-in turns to online food orders. Most of the restaurants do delivery and takeway to be able to suvive in competetive business market. Either restaurant or takeaway we have really useful tips for you on how can you boost your sales and get more food orders.

We have prepared 9 ways some known but some new but all and all they all very powerfull tools that can be used to gain more costumer and increase your sales.

Before getting right in to it i just want to let you know they all important. We live in a digital world right know and every single footprint or the things that we created and shared on the internet, either way positive or negative it will come back at us. Weather you can share on Facebook or Instagram, Google’s AI scans through on internet and relevant topics gets more hit and they become more popular. Getting more online orders is all about increasing the visibility of your business on the internet. More attraction you get and more potantial costumer will engage and you will have chance to get a online food order.

Our advices are not just about sharing on internet but a combination of marketing and advertising your business and taking some certain actions.

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Social Media Posts

To increase the chance of organically to be founded on the internet adn get more online food orders  you need to have an active account which shares posts and engages with other posts as well with liking other pages or making comments etc. You know it we all know it but we need to make it right. If you share a post with low quality, where the food wouldn’t look attractive or where the enviroment is not set up properly you most likely repell the potantial clients away from your page.

You need to pick a theme and you need to share your post within that theme at all time to catch consistancy in your page. You need to share the posts regularly and engage with people making comments politely.
Use your hashtags correctly, put them in the comment section and use same hastags or similar for all of your posts so that when someone puts that word you will have higher chance to be seen at top.

To get a starting point my advice is to look up a place that you really fancy and check how they are doing, what kind of concept they follow which color they use etc.. Than create your own way it could be similar at the beggining which is fine you need to fake it until you make it.

Google Ads

It could be expensive yet the most effective option. Thats why i always advice small businesses to focus on increasing the organic traffic which is free. But if you want you can pay extra and be on top when people wnat to search for ordering food in their area it is very easy to use really. In any case they will increase your traffic to your page and you need to use it wisely, keep the quality of the service and the food at top and make your costumers come back so you don’t have to pay again.

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Social Media Ads

It became important as Google ads as everybody is on social media nonwadays. Make sure your page looks good before going for paid ads.
Best way to use it is to keep the budget small but keep the ad longer so that you will be out there attracting potantial clients longer and it will make your visibility on the internet higher.
You might need to come up with catchy word combined with mouthwatering food pictures and a nice welcoming offer to attract as much as possible until you have tickets lined up in your kitchen till to the end of bar!


It’s old style but it works! Many times i had conversations with business owners they still prefer giving out flyers to their neighboor which is actually cheaper to do as well. Make sure your design stands out, stay away from out dated designs where everybody is sending out and people just put them in bin straight away. Make it catchy, give them a good deal show them you care about your neighboors make it free for the kids over the weekend.
There to many ways to do it you just have to come up with one. The world is big however some small cities are still full of old styled people you jsut need to reach them with nice food they will appreciate it definetely.


Offers are not about just giving some discount and expect your customers to que on the door for it. Offers are and opportunity for both sides. People tend to stick with their habbits and it could be very difficult to change it, if you loose one costumer they might never come back or otherway is if you can give them the best just for once they will be always coming back. With your offer it is an opportunity for you to attract more people than usual and give them something amazing so next time they will be moe than happy to pay full price to get that. Trust me sometimes it is not about the price at all as long as you do good what you do you are not going to need an offer!

Email Campaign

It is a good and easy way to let your costumers know about some news of your place or some special offers as well. All of your costumers are special but the ones that you got their mails means they already your costumer, give them something different make them feel special. Example platform that you can use check it here.


Sms Campaign

It goes same with emails but it is now a bit old fasioned, but as long as it works you have to do it. Marketing or advertising your self is not just giving and ads to google than sit and wait. You have to try out every possible way to reach your potantial costumers to get more online food order. .

Quality Materials

Sometimes you place an onlide food order and from the package you can tell somethign good is gonna come up! Using good qualiy of materials such as paper bags or paper boxes rather than that classic orange packet that you get from everywhere. People realise this very easly and they will go even their packagin is very good so they know they are paying for good quality of food and service.

Bonus: Online Food Order System

Taking advantage of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Ubereats

Your business was slow so you decided to keep it up and brushed your out look of your instagram you followed our advices and ou started to get more orders which is great and congratilations! I want to talk about something very important in here. To get online food orders you don’t have much options when you just look at first sight and here what happens; you take the risk and open a business, paying rent, paying wages and all that huge expenses right ?

You got an online food order costumer, they love your place and they love your food and they spend £100 there which is sweet. Than all of sudden Deliveroo eat comes up and takes up to %30 percent of it which is about all the profit you gonna have ! If you make £1000 a week from these ordering systems you calculate how much percentage you will be paying! Not the mention admin fees per order..

We have the solution for this. You can start getting onlide food orders without paying any commission at all, no middle man no trick! On top of these you can have your branded app in the apple and google store. It is really amazing and i promise you that it will make you save thousands by the end of the year. It is just £23/weekly and you can have your mobile app and you can also get online food orders from your website as well. It is very easy to use we will support you through out the all process. To help you start going we have covid lockdown offer which is you can use it free for first month and you decide yourself!

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Last advice on the topic of earning more; Deliveroo or Just eat they are big platforms and they capability to connect you with costumers and they take percentage for it. Here is the key to act smart and take advantage of it. When ever someone orders from these platforms let your costumers now that they can take advantage of some special offer(Up to you what kind of offer) if they order directly from your mobile app or your online food ordering system or just leave a flyer inside of each order let them know that it will be better for them order directly from you and in short time you will get them directly from your own online ordering system which will result much much more high profits!


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