Top 3 Graphic Design Trends for New Year 2021

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…We all started to hear this song and more similar ones because the “longest” year is finally ending. Christmas is coming, all streets are more shiny, people decorate their houses, gardens, roofs with Christmas and New Year ornaments. We know the classic trends of Christmas, but what about the new year digital graphic design trends? Which colour gonna be chosen by Pantone? Which designs will be more familiar in 2021 to our eyes?

We have researched for you all what the leading graphic designers are thinking about new graphic design trends in 2021. And picked top 5 of graphic design trend for you. Let’s dive in!

1.Positive and fun

After a hard year, people will be looking to graphic designers to show them more uplifting works in 2021, most graphic designers expecting positivity, playfulness, more vibrant colours and patterns will be a hit trend in new year 2021.

graphic design trends 2021

(photo credit: Kuen Chang)

Maybe this Domo Toaster could be one of your favourite product as example of playful designs and we predicted these kind of products which gonna give you a smile with their graphic design in 2021.

2. Nostalgia – Retro Themes

2021 will be a nostalgia year for creative artists as we researched on the Internet. People think that using retro vibes will calm people’s feeling down after unexpected crisis year, 2020. More familiar and known designs could be the cure of over-getting the all bad days on graphic design.


photo credit: @Traf

@Traf has designed a list of iOS 14 icons, many people loved them and already started to use on their phones. They are simple and retro designs, it look like gonna be graphic design trend in 2021.

3. Keep it earth-friendly

Our mother earth cannot sustain with our regular habits, we are more aware of this topic since 2010. In 2020, we saw the difference on the earth within the change of our regular habits such as driving less due to lockdowns, or manufacturing less products. Also we have been outside more for enjoying open spaces and plane-free skies, it gave the hope to reach the goal of reducing effects of climate changes.

All these happenings effected graphic designers to imagine more sustainable product designs and encourage to use positive packaging. Because good things can happen soon.

graphic design trend in 2021

design credit: OMSE – London

graphic design trend in 2021

OMSE, a graphic design studio in London designed some poster for encourage public to reduce plastic footprint this year. Reebok has launched their new collection, recycled gear which manufactured of recycled materials. You can check the trendy collection here.

Last Thing : No more loneliness

Most of us suffered to me alone in 2020, it should be end soon. Graphic designers think that the creative community used history and design to bring people together. Creators were focusing on mental health and climate change to help audience this year and it looks like this unifying to support concept will continue.

A graphic designer says that this year has been a solitary year for most of us. It’s been a tough year. So be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Listen to people. Listen to yourself. Reach out. Walk. Get lost. Take your time. Go down that path that you’ve never gone down. Take the long way. It can save you. It can make you stronger. It can keep you sane 🙂

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