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Based in Liverpool with a passion for web design, We Are Obi specialists span accross the UK. We provide online food ordering systems, web design, ecommerce management, data entry, branding and content creation.


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When our team got together in Liverpool to bring solutions to contactless food ordering systems,  we realized our skills far exceeded our initial goals. Each individual team member has a unique skill set that branches across several industries, such as hospitality, hobby, marketing, non-profit, and ecommerce. Our backgrounds include real-world experience internationally and academic qualifications. Individually we excelled, together we are unstoppable. Together, We Are Obi! 

Whether you’ve just started your business or have been in the market for decades but want to catch up with the latest business trends, We Are Obi is best suited to give your company the best possible look and functionality, ensuring you reach as many customers as possible.  We combine our wide range of skill sets with the latest technologies and design trends to make them work for you.

As We Are Obi grew, so did our passion for recognising companies’ strengths and foreseeing their needs. For example, our no commission contact-free food ordering systems filled a much needed gap during the recent global crisis. Similarly, our data entry and ecommerce services helped businesses adapt quickly to an increasing online demand. We understand your needs and we use statistical information based on your market or product to achieve the highest success rate possible. We work strategically and plan ahead to help you grow with online business plans and marketing consultation. 

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