Branding and Marketing

Anyone can create a ‘nice’ brand. We prefer to create memorable ones. Through tenacious creativity, consistency, and indestructible nerd strength, we shape and reinvent identities to make stronger connections and longer engagements with your target market. Branding and marketing is the key for this engagement and sustainable businesses.

Branding and Marketing is no longer a one-man band of SEO. It takes an orchestra. We infuse PR and social media with SEO-driven content to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that ignites intrigue and excitement around your brand.

Branding is not only a Logo

Whether we’re inventing a new brand or reinvigorating an established one, our central goal is the same; create a digital experience that serves a human purpose. You can use us for as much or as little as you need. A quick consult is usually the place to start. Tell us your brand story, and we’ll guide you on how to visually translate it for image-driven digital. You can read more about branding by clicking here.


branding and marketing
branding and marketing

Brand Strategy

Our integrative process means that we infuse market research with technical innovation and trend-driven design to develop a custom branding strategy that encapsulates who you are and why you matter.

We’ve developed a chameleon-like work ethic over the years which has made us extraordinarily adaptable to changes in the web; from why people use it, to what it can make possible. 

Digital Marketing & Strategy

The rise of mobile technology means that your audience has never been closer. Whether by smartphone, tablet, or even a good old-fashioned desktop, we’ve got a track record of creating ingenious digital media campaigns that deliver incredible brand engagement


We make your brand messages seen so they can be heard. Not to everyone and anyone, but to a targeted demographic that could truly benefit from your products or services. It’s not about how many arrows we throw out there so much as it is the percentage of those arrows that put a dent on our target. Impactful designs and visual aids such as infographics and web banners effectively put your content on steroids, achieving noticeable results, faster.


How it works is, we’ll come to you with a discovery; a comprehensive strategy report that highlights your current online state, identifies potential opportunities, and proposes a structured plan of action for growth. You can use this to inform your own independent strategy or call upon us to implement a 360° strategy for your brand. Check out an interesting blog about digital marketing.

branding and marketing

Content Marketing

Frequent content updates give both your audience and search engines new reasons to visit your site.

We’ll help you to develop high-quality branded content across digital, email and print, all designed to meet your business objectives and give your audience more ways to engage.

How will we create your branding and marketing strategy?

We will have a meeting with you about your customers to know you better.

We will find your product or service’s unique selling points and include them to our branding and marketing strategies.

There are many media channel to reach everyone. But there are more preferred ones by your audience. We will find the right media channels via thinking like your audience.

Content Creation

The online window into a business is heavily reliant on the Content & Creative to bring a brand to life.

Our dedicated content team are experts in content creation for social media, websites & online advertising. Full integration with other obi specialist teams is essential to maximise the value of all content including SEO & Influencer Marketing.

branding and marketing