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onlıne order system

We Are Obi can provide you with a high-quality online ordering system for your restaurant or takeaway without paying commissions or monthly subscription fees! We can build it for your website, we can create a mobile app specific to your brand or why not both?

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Online Order System via Website

It’s easy to start receiving orders straight through your website. Simply upload your menu and make any changes you need in just a few minutes. Our monthly price is affordable and much lower than competing services, with zero commission charged on your orders. By extending your reach, we promise our system will boost your sales!

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Online Order System via Mobile App

We Are Obi are proud to offer you an app specific to your brand. This app will offer contact-free food service without the hassle, hidden fees or commissions that come with most third-party apps. Not only will it work smoothly with your website to provide a seamless user experience, we’ll even show you how to use it! Don’t believe us? Our customer testimonials are proof. Get in touch today and get started on your branded app!

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Dine In

We Are Obi’s order system is truly fabulous for delivery and takeaway, but our app shines with it’s Dine-In option. Dine-In customers are able to browse your menu, place their order and pay directly from their phone, reducing contact between them and your staff. Keep your business running smoothly and safely as well as reducing front of house workload. All in one!

Who Should Get It

This app is brilliant for anybody looking for the easiest way to expand their business online, turn a better profit or even to better protect your customers and staff with contact-free food service. Large or small enterprises, our app is easy to use, easy to manage and unique to your business. We’ll even show you how to use it! We Are Obi is more than happy to provide the necessary training should you need it, so you’re always in complete control.

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Why Online Order System

Online ordering is easy, efficient, and attractive to customers who want secure, hassle free service. You can make more sales and diversify in an increasingly online centred hospitality industry, without taking a hit to your profits through hidden fees or lengthy set-up processes. Plus, increase brand recognition with a branded app customers will love.

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